Collegiate Recovery Programs, Recovering From a Substance Use Disorder Speaking Event

As part of our standing bi-weekly meeting, the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club is pleased to welcome John Watson, MS, NCC, LPC and Director of Counseling Services at Holy Family University.  Given the prevalence of substance abuse throughout society, John will speak to us on this topic from the perspective of how colleges and universities are working to support students who identify as being in recovery from a substance use disorder in the form of collegiate recovery programs.  Additionally, John will provide commentary on ways organizations like Rotary could play a supporting role.

TOPIC:  “Young People in Recovery:

What are colleges and universities doing to support college students in recovery and how can community and civic groups support this work?”


  1. Substance use disorder trends among today’s youth; both use and transition into recovery
  2. The growing need and demand for recovery support services at our colleges and universities
  3. What are local institutions doing to support college students in recovery
  4. What schools are doing
  5. How can members of the community as well as civic and service organizations support the work being done at area colleges and universitie

Please plan to join us to learn more about this important topic that has so greatly impacted people within our communities.

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Recent Projects of the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club

Please enjoy some photos of our 2018 Coat and Book Drives. These are recently completed projects of the Frankford Northeast-Philadelphia Rotary Club. 

Dr. Bob Palma Inducted into the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club

Bustleton resident Dr. Robert (Bob) Palma (center) was inducted into the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club recently.  Shown with Rotary Club President Dr. Paul Stadelberger (left), recently retired founding President and CEO of New Foundations Charter School, and Membership Chair Margaret Kelly (right), Dr. Palma teaches anatomy and physiology at Philadelphia Community College.  A veteran and former president of a Rotary Club in New York, Bob has taught at LaSalle University and other local institutions of higher education, and was a podiatrist at one time.  Active in community service for decades, he resides in Bustleton with his wife, Mary.

L to R, Rotarians: Paul Stadelberger, President; Dr. Bob Palma; Margaret Kelly

District 7450 Governor, Paul Quintavalla, To Visit the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club

District 7450 Governor, Paul Quintavalla, will visit the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club on Tuesday, November 20, 2018, as part of the Club’s standing bi-weekly meeting.  District Governor Paul will provide an update on District matters as well as his vision and goals for the District during his term.

The Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club looks forward to welcoming District Governor Paul in addition to hearing his insights as we head into 2019!

“Simplifying Your Life to Age in Place” Speaking Event with Bode Hennegan

The AARP states that 87% of adults over 65 want to stay in their current homes as they age.  This presents many challenges and opportunities for families and businesses.

“Simplifying Your Life to Age in Place” is a 30-minute presentation provided by Bode Hennegan addressing this trend and identifying specific steps needed to efficiently organize and manage personal affairs so people are best prepared to age in place.  This program will be part of the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club’s regular bi-weekly meeting on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.  Those present will learn the benefits and tips for using a personal inventory, managing home maintenance tasks, and creating a plan for future support services.  Everyone will receive easy-to-use checklists to help them get and stay organized for years to come!

Bode Hennegan is the founder of Life Managers & Associates which provides planning and personal assistant services to simplify clients’ lives and enable independence. By helping clients manage the details of life, they maintain control over their lives and get to focus on what matters most to them. Bode has conducted classes on Aging in Place at Temple University, Rotary Clubs, Senior Centers, and other community groups.

For more information, please visit

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Speaking Event

UPDATE, 10/24/18.  The PGCB provided our club with the opportunity to learn about The Board, its activities and how it functions.  Our speaker, Director Doug Harbach, provided an engaging and informative presentation on the aforementioned as well as insightful answers to the many questions that we had.  It was a dynamic and enjoyable luncheon for both our members as well as our guests from a nearby club who were also in attendance.  Thank you to all who attended!


The establishment of a casino gaming industry in Pennsylvania and the work of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) to tightly regulate this industry is important to all Commonwealth residents. Casino gaming is providing annual school property tax reductions, increased economic opportunities in the form of jobs and business partnerships, and a needed boost to the horse racing industry.

The PGCB has an interest in making sure that citizens are well-informed of this impact and its regulatory work and offers a Speakers Bureau to provide face-to-face interaction with organizations.  The Power Point presentation provided by the PGCB normally lasts about 25 minutes plus time for questions.

Our speaker(s) for this program, which will be part of our regular bi-weekly meeting on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018, is Commissioner Obra S. Kernodle IV and/or Director of Communications Doug Harbach.  Their respective biographies are found below.



2018 Rotary International, Convention, Toronto, Canada

The Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club was represented at the recently ended 2018 Rotary International Convention which was held in Toronto, Canada.  A great time was had by all!

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Paul Stadelburger, Visionary Award Presentation, June 8, 2018

“Building a Foundation. Growing a Legacy.” was the theme of the retirement dinner celebration held Friday, June 8, 2018 at Knowlton Manor, Philadelphia.  The honoree was the founding President and CEO of New Foundations Charter School, Paul Stadelberger.  Paul, who is also the current and future President of the Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club (2017 – 2019) was additionally honored with the presentation of the Visionary Award by Club Past President and Director, Margaret Kelly.  This additional honor was bestowed as Rotary, which places a strong emphasis on community service, wanted to recognize the great community service that Paul has embodied during his eighteen year tenure at New Foundations particularly his gift of being a visionary, who, together with Sheryl Perzel, brought the school into being.

We greatly appreciate Paul’s past service and we equally appreciate his future service as he continues on as president of our club!

Ryan Baumgarten, Service Above Self Award Presentation, June 5, 2018

At our regular Tuesday meeting on June 5, 2018, The Frankford-Northeast Philadelphia Rotary Club was pleased to present the “Service Above Self” Award to Ryan Baumgarten.  Ryan, who at the time was a graduating senior at Father Judge High School in Northeast Philadelphia, had been recommended by his principal for consideration.  During the luncheon and following the presentation of both the certificate and the monetary award, Ryan, who was accompanied by his mother Terri, spoke about his service and why he serves.

In brief, the Rotary “Service Above Self” Award, which is named for the worldwide Rotary motto, recognizes high school students in the areas of Frankford and Greater Northeast Philadelphia who are actively serving as volunteers because they care about the needs of others and the community.  Successful nominees, who also are in good academic standing at their school, act out of the conviction that they can make a difference at their school, in their families and in the community.  What differentiates this award is the recipient’s passion and willingness to sacrifice for the cause(s) in which they believe.  They truly are driven to serve for the sake of service, to meet real needs, to be change agents and, they don’t seem to count the costs.

We congratulate Ryan and wish him the best with his future endeavors!

District 7450 Conference Awards

We proudly spotlight our own Kathé Sobzcak who was honored at the recent District 7450 Conference by receiving the Service Above Self, Best Newest Rotarian Award as well as the Literacy Champion Award for her efforts to advance the cause of literacy in Haiti.