Rotary Is


Rotary is a group of busy people who make permanent, positive change in our world, our community and ourselves. 

Rotary is the first, largest, most financially sound, politically powerful social network organization in the world.  It funds the largest scholarship program in the world. 

Rotary helped found the United Nations and is one of only two non-profit organizations to hold permanent seats in the UN.  The other is the Red Cross. 

Every day we house someone, feed someone, medicate someone, comfort someone. 

Rotary is sponsoring the total eradication of polio from the face of the Earth. 

I am proud to be a Rotarian and wear my Rotary pin.  It is a privilege to be a Rotarian.  

You have to be invited and not everyone is.  But you were invited because you are a service-minded individual, representing the highest standards of integrity in your profession and life. 

Here is your Rotary pin.  Wear it proudly.   “Congratulations.” 

Be proud to be a Rotarian and wear your Rotary pin. 

Live our motto of “Service Above Self.”  Practice the Four-Way Test in what you think, say, and do, and learn it by heart. 

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