The Purpose of our Rotary Club

The Purpose of  our Rotary Club: a founding principle of Rotary was to provide a forum for professional and business leaders for Professional Networking (business owners, people in management positions). We create ways to raise money and use these financial resources to help humanity on a local community level, national level, international level, as well as helping our own Rotary Club thrive. About 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 31,500 Rotary Clubs worldwide (Rotary International). Local clubs may combine their humanitarian influence worldwide. As of June, 2004, 209 countries are polio-free as a result of the Rotary PolioPlus program, to stamp out Polio in underprivileged countries of the world. We also award scholarships to our local community’s students who need help in furthering their educational goals. We also help to provide disaster relief, and help in world peace through funding Ambassadorial (educational) Scholarships, whose recipients serve as unofficial “ambassadors of goodwill” in foreign countries. We ‘give-back’ to the people of our local community because of them, our businesses have become more successful. Rotary Clubs are benevolent business networking organizations destined to help in various humanitarian ways in the local community as well as in the worldwide community.First time guest prospective Rotarians are welcome to enjoy a complimentary lunch. Speakers are welcome to contact our club to schedule a speaking engagement date.Luncheon served from 12:15PM through 1:30PM.
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